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Subcontract Development and Strategy

The harder the challenge, the easier it is to get us interested.

Is the client demanding a feature you don't think is possible? Burdened with a client project you don't know how to finish? We are happy to interface with your team to handle the most technically challenging projects. We get a real kick out of doing what has never before been done.

The task can be pushing the envelope of Flash with a custom plug-in, or building a prototype product for your client in a single week. The task could be saving a key pilot project for your largest account, by creating something usable out of a major offshore outsourcing disaster in less than two weeks. These were all nightmare client requirements for our prime contractors, but were each a rewarding subcontract challenge for our solidly competent team.

Give us a call to talk about your project. Whether we give some software architecture advice and mentoring, whether we take over a project half-way, or whether we're just giving suggestions for what to pitch to the end client, it will only take a few minutes on the phone to be convinced of our professionalism and expertise.

If you have some development work in mind, contact us today. We seek out the most demanding possible projects, and we'd be happy to give you advice.

  • Client Strategy Consulting. We're happy to chat about your client's business and what types of things they could find useful. We guarantee that we will generate new suggestions to propose to the end client, and we'll produce a fixed-price quotation, which you can cannibalize for your own proposal. We can provide ongoing advice under a straightforward hourly retainer.
  • Technical Consulting. Software architecture, design and sourcing, and mentoring your in-house development team. We can help managers plan out the project, choose the software to start with, and provide detailed designs and instructions for ground-floor developers to use when implementing the project.
  • Project Rescue. Whether in mid-stream, or after completing a first attempt, we're happy to work with what you've got to bring the project that last mile. We're great at sorting out a mess of badly-designed code to make everyone happy — ask us for the stories of how we have picked up total disasters to save clients' largest accounts. Our team has worked with a virtually complete list of technologies and development environments.
  • Expand Your Offerings. Some of our clients have simply divided the labor, keeping the project components they are comfortable that they can deliver in-house — be it graphic design or embedded development — while sourcing out the hard parts to Direct Leap. You can resell our services based on our quoting a fixed price, focusing on the project elements that your firm does best.
  • Satisfy Client Demands. If they're asking for something impossible, just pass the information on to us and we'll let you know what is involved to successfully complete the job. Your relationships with ongoing clients are important. We'll help you to be the heroes by letting you offer the impossible!

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