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Direct Leap Technologies benefits from and draws on a fantastic network of experts and visionaries. We are honored to have creative visionaries and entrepreneurs of this calibre in our lives.

  • Michael Ellis. Cofounder of Command Post & Transfer, leading over 400 employees at five locations in trend-setting visual effects, editorial, post-production and digital sound design. Michael built Canada's leading creative resource for motion picture studios, television networks and commercial advertisers. Samples include the effects for movies Fight Club and The Cell, with a personal reputation as a pioneer.
    Command Post & Transfer Website
  • Francis Fast. Founder of the Toronto Angel Network and a consultant connecting growth companies with capital, affiliated with the Toronto Venture Group and the National Research Council's Canadian Technology Network.
    Toronto Angel Group Website
  • Mark Federman, P.Eng. President and Chief Executive Officer of PersonaMedia, a Toronto firm developing rich media networked communication software for businesses. A twenty-five year career in the high technology industry from applied research and development, marketing, sales, and senior operational management at IBM. Prior to PersonaMedia, Mark was an independent business strategy consultant for small and large enterprises. The author of McLuhan for Managers, Mark is a Founding Director and Chief Strategist for McLuhan for Managers, Inc., bringing many of Marshall McLuhan's nontraditional approaches and thinking into business practice. Degree in Engineering Science at University of Toronto in 1977.
  • Robin Ingle. Founder and Chairman of Ingle International, a group of insurance companies serving millions of customers worldwide, also Founder and CEO of Imagine Insurance, a one-stop direct brokerage for insurance and financial services. Actively involved in many of world's leading global interest groups including the World Travel and Tourism Council, Green Globe, and the World Economic Forum. At one point, Robin gave 1,000 media interviews per year.
    Ingle International Website
  • Derrick De Kerkove, Ph.D. Founding Director of McLuhan Global Research Network, Director of the high-profile McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, and author of several books concerning technology, society, and the intersection of psychology and technology. Founder or involved in many innovative technology companies and enterprises.
    Derrick de Kerkove's Biography at McLuhan
  • Daniel Ondrack, MBA, PhD. Director of Executive Programs at the Rotman School of Management. A seasoned management consultant and professor of organisation design and international business, and is a respected expert in organisational behaviour and strategic human resources management. Previously the Associate Dean for Ph.D and International Programs. Served on a multitude of advisory boards and committees at the industry, business community, and government, university and faculty levels.
    Daniel Ondrack's Biography at Rotman
  • Steve Mann, Ph.D. Technology Visionary, Author and Professor who operates a Linux software and hardware development lab in the Computer Engineering Research Group at the University of Toronto. Invented the wearable computer and other concepts while at MIT. A high-profile figure in the Open Source movement, Mann is the subject of movies, books, and hundreds of media segments.
    Steve Mann's Biography at
  • Francesco Monico, Ph.D. Management Consultant at Orchestra and Professor of Theories and Methods of Mass Media. A highly respected intellectual and visionary.
  • Ted Nelson, Ph.D. founder of Project Xanadu and Project Professor, Keio Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Japan. A high profile computer pioneer, he invented hypertext in the early 1960s while at Harvard. A major figure in the Open Source movement.
    Feature Article on Ted Nelson in Feed Magazine
  • Bahram Parsi, MBA. Senior Project Manager, Integrated Justice Information Technology Division. Bahram is an accredited expert and consultant in project management for large technology projects. Highly educated with expertise in strategy, organisational design and organisational behaviour.
  • James Shen. CEO of PTD, Ltd., an early-stage, venture capital-backed semiconductor testing firm supplying photosensitive quality control equipment to silicon chip manufacturers.
    Photo-Thermal Diagnostics Website
  • Randall Severy, B.Eng. Founder and CEO of CyberTeams, Inc., which develops industry-leading Web groupware applications. Randall is an expert in electronic communications and enterprise information systems. A seasoned Unix and Linux project manager with a network of developers.
    CyberTeams Website

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